Solar energy survey

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Solar energy survey

Now is easier than ever to install solar energy systems at home, farms or business. This solar energy systems are a sustainable energy source that can help you to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint.
Before you install your solar energy system you should know how much energy are you using and then decide how much do you want to generate. You most know your local weather conditions to dimension the solar energy system, and to know this you should do a survey that includes monitoring your local weather conditions and then look back all the data you collect during a desired period of time to find how many hours of useful sun light you will spec once you deploy your system. 

Ones you have you solar energy system working it will be very useful to keep track on the energy that you are generating and the one you are using, as well, close monitoring of your local weather conditions can help you to know how much energy are you going to be able to generate on a certain day. Bindelo can give you all the tools to sense the weather parameter, generate reports, and create events that can notify you when the weather conditions will not be good enough to generate all the energy you spec so you can take actions to reduce your energy consume.

For this applications we recommend this sensor devices:

Ambient temperature and barometer wireless sensor: The barometric pressure readings are used to forecast how cloudy or clear will be the sky due a pressure system.
Lighting wireless sensor: The lighting readings can be used to calculate the solar irradiance which gives the power of the sunlight irradiated over a certain area and with that information you can calculate how much energy you will be able to generate with your solar panels depending on the solar cell efficiency.

To be able to retrieve the readings from the sensor devices we recommend you this data collectors:
Data collectors

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