SL900L -Light

Wireless light sensor

SL900L -Light


Wireless light sensor

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The BINDELO® SL900L is an illuminance sensor that provides readings for different types of light variables making it very versatile and complete. This sensor is a key tool in applications that can include analysis or monitoring of lighting in workplaces, stores, crops, laboratories, and solar panel installations.
One of the interesting uses for this sensor is to monitor the deterioration of luminaires. With the passage of time, any type of light source tends to consume the same amount of electrical energy but its brightness decreases. This loss of efficiency or brightness in many cases is very difficult to determine with the naked eye.  With the use of BINDELO® SL900L and the BINDELO®  Platform it becomes an easy task.  Programming of events and notifications within the BINDELO®  Platform this becomes an automatic process.
This sensor requires a BINDELO® SL900-Collector to send the data to the BINDELO®  Platform.  This is where the collected records are converted into reports that present the information in a clear and intuitive way. It is also possible to create events based on the conditions reported by the sensor that generate notifications to users.
Its compact size makes it very easy to use in small spaces, only 9 x 3.6 x 3.3 cm. With  two AAA batteries this sensor can send readings for months.

Additional information

Measurement variables

Solar radiation 0…137634,409 W/m²
UV Index 0…11
white light 0…128000 lux
Extended white spectrum light 0…128000 lux
Infrared light 0…65536 lux
Wide infrared light 0…65536 lux
Near infrared light 0…65536 lux
UV light 0…65536 lux






50m outdoor, 15 indoor


SL900 (ISM 915MHz)


-20°C to +50°C


9 x 3.6 x 3.3 cm




1m drop


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